Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Neighborly Love

My apartment's balcony overlooks the front yard of a quite eccentric houseful of people. My favorite is the guy who is the aspiring rock star...I often get to hear band practice with not so good guitar or drum solos. There are frequent loud conversations in their front yard--sometimes a party, sometimes an argument... There's always some kind of activity. I haven't spoken a whole lot with my neighbors--just a wave from time to time when I sit on the balcony.

One day when my roommate Julie was out on our balcony one guy from the house told her that he hoped her tomato plants were okay. He had been watering his own plants when he decided that the tomato plants needed water too. He pointed his watering hose from his yard across the fence, mailboxes, and sidewalk that separate our living places and aimed at our second story balcony and watered the tomato plants. Odd, yes. But sweet too--because he was showing us neighborly love in the only way he knew how.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Some say that today I officially entered my mid-twenties. 8:33pm tonight marked the 24 years I've been in this world. I've been reading through the Old Testament over the last few months and have continually been reminded of God's command to the Israelites--to remember what He has done for them. This morning I tried to reflect and remember what during the past year God has done for me. As I began to write, I realized what an amazing year it has been. Blessings abound...healing from Crohn's Disease from surgery, incredible financial provision, a new amazing community and emotional healing at Cursillo... These are only a few things on my list. Praise be to God! I can only imagine what the next year will bring..

It was a year worth celebrating--so celebrating we did. Friends took me out for a lovely lunch and we continued on to have a day filled with laughs and goofiness as we shopped at Paseo. My friends then tricked me tonight in coming over for a small surprise birthday celebration at Sophie's. We will keep celebrating this summer by going to see Wicked June 19th.

At CPK for lunch...I got a free birthday ice cream sunday

Late night celebration at Sophie's

And I have to rejoice that I now am the same number as my favorite television show...24. By the way--check out that artistic cake.