Sunday, December 11, 2005

Return to the East Coast

I have finished my first quarter of seminary! It's hard to believe that just over 3 months ago, I flew out to CA to begin my 3 years at Fuller. On the way to the airport to fly back to Richmond I was struck with disbelief that it was my turn to go home for a bit... I had taken and picked up countless numbers of people at the airport and now I was flying away. The quarter ended well... Papers have been turned in, and finals have been taken. For some reason I feel like I'll remember my first quarter of seminary not because of the classes I took, but for all of the lessons that came with the incredible transition. Dude, growing up is tough and the real world is hard--and I really think I've only just begun!
Ok enough for JMo pondering life...
I flew in last night at 10:30pm and today I was welcomed by many at church and then later on campus. While I do love LA, it is wonderful to be around people I have known longer than 3 months and drive around a place that I know I won't get lost in (um, okay, maybe I still will)...
Anyways, I am absolutely exhausted--I think jet lag is setting in now. If you're around Richmond, I'll be here till the 31st, give me a call :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

finals week

Well I can't believe it's here-but I've reached the last week of the quarter! It's hard to believe I've been in CA for 11 weeks...and that I head back to Richmond in a week. I wonder what going back there will be like? I feel like so much in my life has changed in a short 11 weeks, it will be interesting to go back after all that change...
But before I fly out, there is MUCH to be done. Right now I'm taking a study break from my intense youth ministry project (Design a year-long youth ministry curriculum with 12 different components...yikes!) That is due Monday, along with part 2 of my Youth Ministry Final. My Greek Final is on Wednesday and my New Testament 2 Finals is on Thursday. Finally, I have some smaller papers due for my Foundations of Ministry class Friday. I miss the two week final schedule of UR--that made finals much more relaxing! After actually writing it all down I should get to work--to all of you in the stress of finals--good luck and Christmas will soon be here.