Friday, January 11, 2008

Lots Going On

Well there is nothing like drinking English Breakfast tea too close to bedtime to bring on insomnia and there's nothing like insomnia to promote writing a blog update... I am a day away from finishing my first week of classes back at Fuller and I am tired. It's been an interesting week. Interesting to be a Fuller student again, interesting to start my part time church internship, and interesting to balance this with upcoming ordination exams and candidacy paperwork. I've realized that this next month will be pretty intense. Despite the intensity, it is packed with some exciting things. My chaplaincy internship was such a great experience--and was so valuable in confirming my call to ministry. This month's timing worked out perfectly to take on some very practical steps in the ordination process in following my call to ministry.

I would love you all's prayers for the next month or so. If you think of it, please do pray for me as I study for and take the ords (January 25th, 26th, a writing portion due on the 31st, and another exam on February 2nd). And I'd love some prayers as I take intensive Hebrew--I was very proud of myself for learning and writing the alphabet by Wednesday but judging by our quiz I think that pace is too slow for the intensive Hebrew track. And prayers for my candidacy process would be much appreciate too--I meet with my church session on January 23 and with CPM in early February.

So definitely lots going on here!