Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A New Season

Since I bought my Mac I haven't had the time to figure out how to work IPhoto--and thus I don't have the ability to post pictures of my trip to Houston for y'all. Hopefully soon though! The quick summary of it: I spent Sept 11-17 at a beautiful camp outside Houston, TX called "Cho-Yeh" staffing Houston Presbyterian Cursillo (HPC) 47. It was a weekend filled with tears, new friends, many many laughs, lots of singing, and a reminder and refresher of how amazing God's love for me and others is. I came back from TX physically exhausted but feeling incredibly renewed spiritually. I also returned with much encouragement and confidence that I am in a great place along this crazy journey of seminary and discernment of what's next.

This was a good place to start my hospital chaplaincy...and that's exactly what I did the day after I flew in. I began a 3 month full time internship at Arcardia Methodist Hospital. It has been a complete switch in change of people, new place, new schedule, even new clothes. The first two days have been good--all orientation and training. I already can tell, though, that this is the beginning of a new season for me. The internship is intense--already we have discussed some of our deepest anxieties and fears and tomorrow we visit the morgue. I feel like this is a time when I will be faced with huge opportunities to grow and be changed. My prayer is that I will be continually open in my heart and mind to whatever is thrust my direction.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The longest to-do list...

Between August 21-Sept 10 I had to:

--Memorize Directory of Worship of Book of Order, take final
--Ethics Reading and Journal Reflections
--Ethics Research Paper
--23 Systematic Theology Lectures
--A worship reflection paper
--Reformed Worship Reading Log
--Reformed Worship Journal
--2 Systematic Papers to write

And not to mention the preparation I needed to do for Cursillo, my upcoming internship, and general life tasks... I made myself a schedule and organized it so I can get it all done by the 10th before I flew to TX. Now, as I'm about to fly out--I'm happy to say that the entire to do list was done except for one systematics paper--which isn't due till December anyways.

It has not been the most exciting couple of weeks to say the least! But, I did try to have a good balance of fun things in the midst of the schoolwork so I did't completely go insane. Part of that fun including buying a new computer...a Mac! The new computer is a very needed and welcomed change! Only thing is that I'm still learning how to use it--and I'm still organizing my pictures--therefore I can't post pictures on my blog of other fun adventures of the last two weeks. But they are coming later.

For now, I'm off to staff Cursillo. I fly back in on the 17th and on the morning of the 18th I begin my hospital chaplain internship. Lots to come I'm sure!!