Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i have amazing friends

Valentine's Day is commonly called by many, "Singles Awareness Day," a day where anyone without a significant other is very aware. Since I have never been dating anyone on Valentine's Day I have grown very accustomed to the things that I don't experience on February 14th. However, each year I try and look at Valentine's Day as a time to celebrate a different kind of love--friendship. This year I continued that celebration and I have to say it was the best Valentine's Day I have ever had. Becca, Sophie, Sarah, and I decided to become each others' Secret Valentines. We drew names weeks ago. Our plan was to give our Valentine a small gift on the 14th and then a big gift on our Valentine's celebration night. It worked out that the four of us had drawn each others' names in pairs. Sarah and Sophie had one another and Becca and I had one another. On Valentine's Day I spelled out I love you in flaming hot cheetoes outside Becca's front door and she surprised me with a rose and a mini nalgene bottle with candy inside waiting for me in class. Sophie discovered her gift when her stuffed monkey sent her an email to check outside her apartment and Sarah received her gift via two messengers in small group.

Our Valentine's Day celebration continued Saturday night as we dressed up and traveled to West Hollywood. We ate at Fat Fish--a swanky Hollywood restaurant and then went to a famous comedy club called Groundlings. During dinner we exchanged the rest of our gifts. We all creatively spent our budget! Here are some pictures of the night and our gifts.

Becca gave me some very comfortable--and fun flip flops--she knows my footwear preference well!
And the second part of gift I was astonished by--she painted John 3:16--in Greek (I had to memorize it while taking Greek), Latin, and English. It looks beautiful in my apartment and I don't know when she had the time to do that.

I gave Becca a whole assortment gifts--some silly like fake butterfly tattoos, and some more serious like the pictures below--of her internship at SMCC.
Sophie gave Sarah Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy--her new favorite TV show as well as a gift certificate for Zephry's.
And Sarah gave Sophie a whole assortment of gifts--including the Trumpet Swan, her favorite book as a little kid.

Earlier in the week we celebrated our friendship in a photo shoot--here a few of the many that we took:

I've been very blessed with an amazing group of friends out here--to laugh with, cry with, and celebrate with. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Inquirership to Me!

This Tuesday I was recommended to my Presbytery to be an Inquirer in the PC(USA) phase by my Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM). To be an inquirer requires a 9 essay application, an "interview" with my church, and a psychological evaluation. Once all of these steps were done, my Presbytery notified me of a meeting with my CPM. Accompanied by an elder from San Marino, I went to an hour long meeting with my CPM. During that hour I was asked many questions--about my background, passions, time in seminary, and thoughts about the future. It was a lot of questions but I encouraged the experience and felt affirmed as I left the room for them to vote on me. I came back in and they said yes! I now am partnering with my church and this committee in discerning where God is calling me for the future--and whether that included ordained ministry. I still don't how this process will end but it's exciting to take this next step.

I got home and two friends surprised me and sang "Happy Inquirership to you" (think Happy Birthday) and "decorated" me to celebrate. It was a joyful celebration and I loved sharing it with friends. Here are some pictures of the celebration.Notice the blue suit! :)