Thursday, November 23, 2006

Faces of Cursillo

I already posted once about my Cursillo weekend in Texas. Over the past two weeks I have had the chance the process the weekend a bit more and am continually realizing what a life changing the weekend was for me. One of the most amazing parts of the weekend was the community. Here are a few of my favorite people...

This was my Cursillo roommate Robyn. She is a great woman who has overcome some serious obstacles in life with an amazing attitude.
The average of Cursillo participants and staff is about 50. It was a joy to be around such a diverse age group. However it was fun to have a few under 30 crowd. Here's some of the younger generation of Cursillo...Nathan, Steven, Alan, me, Beccca This is one of the staff involved in my small group--Lanee. We had a blast hanging out throughout the weekend. Margaret is a woman that showed me an entire new meaning of love. Larry and Bob declared themselves my grandpas for the weekend. Who says pastors can't have fun? Here's two of the three pastors from the weekend--Casey and Jeff goofing off. Finally, this is a picture of one of my favorite people from the weekend--Robin. She and I immediately connected during the weekend--at first because we're both 4'11'' but then realized that there was a much bigger connection. She and I have stayed in close touch since the weekend and at some point I'd love to visit her and family in Houston.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving A-Z

I have to preface this by saying this idea was stolen from Sarah. There are so many things that I am thankful for this year and what a cool way to share them...Here is what I am thankful for, from A-Z:

Apartment—I moved into a large spacious apartment this fall and it is wonderful!
Bed—I was given several gifts including a very comfy bed, desk, and several assessories when moving.
Cursillo—A joyous weekend filled with AMAZING people, healing, prayer, and most of all—God’s love.
Disneyland—The happiest place on earth that I now live an hour away from.
Education—It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to attend Fuller and to learn in the classes and with the professors.
Fellowship—I have a great small group of girls that formed this fall. We’ve enjoyed getting to know one another throughout the first quarter.
Gilmore Girls—A fabulous TV show that I identify with all too well.
Healing—Crohn’s Disease has been gone from my body for almost 3 months!
Ipod—a fun device that lets me experience the power of music anywhere.
Job—I have a low stress, well paying, interesting job working the front desk of a psychiatrist’s office.
Kettle Corn—One of the many foods that I love and can eat post surgery!
Los Angeles—I have discovered a new excitement and love about living in this city. From the warm weather to the culture to my community—I now call it home.
Meals—Some of the most special times this year have been spent around the dinner table when friends shared home cooked meals together.
Nooma—a fabulous series of DVDS done by Rob Bell that has messages of God in ways I’ve never heard before.
Ocean Sunsets—Nature speaks incredibly powerfully to me. This year I saw my first ocean sunset in Malibu.
Prayer Garden—The place where I first felt God calling me to Fuller. It is my favorite place on campus by far—a beautiful tranquil garden that I love to escape to pray.
Quirkiness of my Friends—I have a great group of friends to walk through life with at Fuller that never cease to make me laugh.
Restaurants—How fun to explore the many new restaurants in Pasadena and spend hours in old favorites like Moe’s.
San Marino Community Church—My new church home. I love the people and watching God transform SMCC.
Therapy—From my family therapy class to individual therapy—it’s one of the best things that’s happened to me.
Unexpected Financial Provision—Throughout the year I received several unexpected financial donations that help me continue to be at Fuller.
Verizon Free Minutes—I’m not sure how else I could stay in touch with people from the East Coast without Verizon’s free minutes.
Water—Whether it’s Santa Monica, Malibu, the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, or even Sophie’s pool there is so much fun to be had by water.
X-tra Good Health Insurance--$30,000 later my stomach is healed…and 100% covered by health insurance.
Youth Group—I’ve loved helping out with the youth group at SMCC, such great kids and amazing ministry experience.
Zephyr’s—My most frequented study spot in Pasadena by far. This funky coffee shop has helped me drink a lot of chai and write a lot of papers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

learning to fly

I got back Monday from one of the most transformative weekends of my entire life.

I spent 4 days in the tiny town of Placious, Texas. Nestled aproximately 2 hours outside of Houston the retreat center lay on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Why was I in Texas? I was at a Presbyterian Renewal Weekend called Cursillo. Much of the message of the weekend comes in the form of surprise so I'm not going to share many details of the weekend...please go experience it for yourself... :)

I have never experienced or felt God's love in such a tangible way. I lay in bed Saturday night unable to fall asleep--all that I could think was "I am so loved!" God loves you is a simple message that we hear often but this weekend commicated that message in an entirely new way for me. When one understands that message, you cannot help but be transformed. The title of my blog has a whole new meaning...

I'll leave y'all with a picture of a Texas sunrise....