Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Mischievous Birds

In the past month 2 birds have decided to make a new home on my apartment welcome mat. I didn't mind at first, it's outside, why shouldn't the birds have a new spot to live? But soon, they began playing tricks on my roommate and I. As I walk up the stairs to my apartment door I can't see my welcome mat. Just when I don't expect it, the birds have a habit of flapping their wings loudly and then flying at me while I'm mid stair. They swoop low right above my head before landing on the edge of the a/c unit. While I have come to expect it now, there is still something unsettling at suddenly having 2 birds flapping and flying directly at you narrowly missing your head.

But, the birds have crossed a line. As Amy (my roommate) was walking up the stairs she heard the birds cooing (or whatever you call the sounds the birds make). She stopped hoping they would fly to their perch on the a/c unit and she could walk up in peace. Sure enough, at the sound of her feet they came flapping and flying and landing on the a/c unit. She watched the birds a second when she noticed that one of them had turned around, with it's butt directly over her head. Amy quickly noticed that the bird looked like it was about to relieve itself and hurriedly rushed up the stairs. Her instincts were right and she barely missed the bird poop falling from the a/c unit.

Now that's just plain mean birds! Maybe they are telling us we need bird feeders...

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